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I learned about Yokohama National University (YNU) through its close relationship with my home university - University Utara Malaysia (UUM). At first, I felt a bit nervous coming to Japan, a whole new country for me that I never been before. I also do not know how to speak Japanese before coming to Japan. But after taking the Japanese class, I feel very confident to speak Japanese now. I am really happy with this change. I really enjoyed my time in Japan and the services that YNU offers. YNU assigned a tutor for me, a senior student from whom I could ask advices based on his experience. Whenever there is a problem, my tutor will assist me. I am getting used to Japan and YNU so quickly.

I am very satisfied with the study environment here in YNU, I studied 5 units: Japanese Language, Business Problem Solving in Team, Global Management in Asia, Working in Organization and Multi-Cultural Practice. All of the subjects are fascinating and help me understanding more about Japanese culture, business and organization approaches in Japan. All the lectures are very interesting and eye-opening. For example, I got very interested in business and organization. Studying it in YNU gives me new viewpoints and idea base on how Japanese working approach in business and organization working in 総合商社(Sogo Shosha) company. As I wish to work in the field, I really appreciate the opportunity to think about the theory and practice of business and organization in YNU. The atmosphere of the classes also makes me feel comfortable with stating my opinion or asking question. I always enjoyed the discussion, not only this topic but also the other topics, both within the classes and outside of the classes. These discussions really helped me to understand the international view and approaches.

My experience here is helping me to gain many skills which believe will help me to pursue my career. The level of knowledge I am gaining here is leading and includes topics crucial to work in the field on international company. Along with this knowledge, I am gaining time-management, problem solving, reading, writing, presentation skills through preparations and lectures. There are also many activities that involve the international student in YNU. Joining these has been very beneficial for meeting new people and gaining range of experiences. I am participating one activity on consultation of a NGO (Fujitsu Marketing Company) about Halal Food in Japan. I believe these experiences give me many skills and viewpoints, and strengthen my employability. 

Homestay activity that YNU offered to international student was very interesting. Homestay offers you variety of understanding about the beauty of Japanese customs, culture and tradition. I hang out with Japanese family that treats me like their own son; they make me feel like home here in Japan. I strongly recommend international students to join and explore this exciting activity. Above all, YNU is a great place to study and pursue my career. I enjoy this environment a lot. I strongly recommend you to think about YNU for your undergraduate and postgraduate opportunity.


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