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"Welcome to the School of Technology Management and Logistics (STML)"

STML has been established since 2011 where it has unique characteristics from other business schools. The integration of science and arts, business and technology are the driven factor embedded in our presentation to not just our students but to all stakeholders including the partner industries. .

Aim to inspire highly capable graduates who will become responsible leaders that contributing significantly towards better sustainable world, we offer experts in full range of knowledge from businesses to engineering, from social sciences to pure sciences that are capable in nurturing the innovative culture to our direct counterpart and beneficial to the community at large.

By providing a humanize quality education and training in technology management, operations management and logistics management in both undergraduate and postgraduates, local and abroad, we equipped our students and staffs to become successful in their life.

Students, I wish all the best and have a good memorable time along your journey in UUM Sintok.

STML staff, you are unique and priceless. Be strong, sincere and happy. Stay healthy, you are our best asset!

To all potential students, COME AND JOIN US! We are welcoming all you to be part of our STML big family.

Prof. Dr. Nor Hasni Osman


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