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Programme Overview

The Management of Technology undergraduate programme was established in 1999 initially under the School of Information Technology. With more than 15 years’ of experience, the programme has undergone several changes to prepare students to satisfy industry requirements. The Technology Management programme prepares students with the skills necessary to meet the business demands of today and the future. The curriculum provides a solid business and technology core that includes an extensive background in the functional areas of marketing, technology, economics and management. Currently the programme focuses heavily on aspects of technology and management as required by most technology-based industries and institutions. Students are required to undergo a Practical Training session for six months before being awarded a Bachelor of Technology Management (Hons) degree. Designed to produce an all-rounder graduate but with specific knowledge in certain disciplines, the Focus Disciplines is incorporated into the programme structure to further enhance the student’s capabilities and adaptation into the real working arena.


The uniqueness of the Management of Technology programme at Universiti Utara Malaysia are the Focus Disciplines. The programme offers elective courses in four Focus Disciplines which is aimed at exposing students to the technology and management aspects of Information & Communications Technology, Construction & Project Management, Manufacturing, Electrical & Electronics technologies. Students have to decide which category of Focus Discipline is of interest to them and are required to choose five courses from the chosen discipline. Students are also required to choose one free elective course offered by other programmes at the same school or other schools.


The programme aims at producing graduates who are charismatic, knowledgeable who excel in the industry related to Technology Management and the Focus Disciplines emphasizing on problem solving skills with ethically inclined qualities. The emphasis is on the ability to communicate, integrate, and synthesize information from the various business disciplines using knowledge and skills in information communications technology, decision making and problem solving, quantitative analysis, and project management complete the course.

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