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Asian Halal (AHAL) Institute STML has received the attention of international researcher on its halal related research activities. Starting from early October 2016, a researcher from Reitaku University has chosen AHAL Institute to base his research, focusing on halal supply chain. Mr. Tatsuya Fujiwara who is now conducting his PhD research has decided to join AHAL Institute for 2 months as a visiting researcher in order to further his study on local halal SMEs in Kedah. Currently he is being supervised by Dr. Risyawati in completing his research and has been connected to various halal food companies within the AHAL network.

Earlier, another researcher from Beifang University China, Dr. Yusoff Ma has visited AHAL Institute while spending his holiday in Malaysia. He was welcomed by the Deputy Dean of STML, Associate Professor Dr. Mohd. Rizal Razalli. He spent almost 2 hours visiting the research facility in STML and voiced his happiness after observing several ongoing collaborations with his counterpart in China. At the end of the visit, Dr. Ma and his companion also visited Perlis (MARA) Halal Park and got to observe the production of halal Bird’s nest drink at one of the facilities in the park. He also expressed his interest in promoting AHAL Institute as research partner with other universities in all matter related to halal. He is also making a plan to return to UUM in the near future for further collaboration.

STML’s Dean, Professor Shahimi Mohtar has voiced his elation at the attention received by AHAL Institute and continues to strongly support this SCOE to strengthened their foothold in halal based research. He also expressed his hope that more international researchers will come and conduct similar collaborations in line with the university’s agenda to be a well-known reference center in the future. AHAL Institute is one of the three SCOEs established under STML and focus solely on halal related research nationally, regionally and globally.

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