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On March 01, 2016 STML has arranged a workshop which is conducted by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kunio Shirahada and assisted by Dr. H.M.Belal (faculty of STML-COB, UUM). Kunio Shirahada is a faculty member of Knowledge Science, JAIST, Japan. He is skilled, energetic, and internationally recognized academic.
The Workshop title was ‘Research Road Mapping for Writing Grant Proposal’.

The objectives were;
1. To review and identify the STML’s strengths in research, 2. To map the STML academic staffs’ expertise and areas of research interests,
3. To identify the matching areas on collaborative research with the JAIST-Knowledge Science.

After workshop it was realized that the participants have improved their capabilities in the research road mapping for writing grant proposals. In addition, developed and came up with a couple of potential research ideas for grant

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