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28 – 29 September 2022 – The School of Technology Management and Logistics (STML), Jabatan Pembangunan dan Penyenggaraan, Institute for Management and Business Research (IMBRe), Centre for Testing, Measurement and Appraisal (CeTMA) and Pusat Islam Universiti Utara Malaysia in collaboration with the Department of Fisheries Kedah have successfully organized a community engagement and Corporate Social Responsibility program focuses on 3R Plastic at Kg KEDA Sg Udang and Pulau Songsong, Kedah.

The two-day program was also sponsored by various public and private organizations, namely the Department of Forestry Kedah, Majlis Daerah Yan, SWCorp, E-Idaman, PKT Logistics, Ideal Health Care, Malaysia Airports, Koperasi Kuala Sg. Udang, and Swift Logistics.
There were more than 150 participants who joined the program on the first day and 120 participants on the second day. The program was officiated by the District Officer of Yan, Mr. Mohamad Subhi Bin Abdullah.
The aim of this program was to inculcate the awareness of 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) of Plastic among the participants and the community. The theme of the program was Sifar Laut Plastik (Zero Plastic Ocean) to reflect the plastics that are being used every day by human will end up in the ocean.
The plastic was chosen due to its negative effects to human and the environment which contribute significantly to the climate change. Most plastics are non-biodegradable and will turn to small pieces known as microplastics and nanoplastics which will last for 500-1000 years.
In addition, this program was unique because the participants were taught to generate income from selling the recycled items on the first day of the program. The community was also kind enough to offer to cook for the lunch for all the participants in return. This kenduri rakyat (feast) was one of a kind to showcase the absence of single used plastics in a major event.
Meanwhile, IMBRe also collaborated in the program to teach community to enhance their video making skills to promote the community products. This event had taken place in Pusat Ekonomi Digital Keluarga Malaysia (PEDi).
On the second day, participants went to the Pulau Songsong for beach clean-up activities. STML had taken further initiative to donate a pump and a water tank to be used by the tourists of the island. Finally, the participants also witnessed the restoration of corals by the Department of Fisheries which is critical for food security of the nation.

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