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Hope for Orphan was another charity program organised by Logtrans Club. This time the program focused on the orphanage in Pusat Jagaan Baitul Mahabbah Al-Hashimi, Kuala Nerang. This program was a long-term program (From April to October) collaborated with the orphanage institution to help the orphans (elementary school students) to experience better study session. This program was also aimed to help the orphans to dream big as they are growing with the example of the tutor that visit them frequently. This program held every week with 6 volunteer tutors from STML students. There were tutoring session for every visit for the orphans. There were several subjects taught by the tutors included English, Maths and English. This program led by Khairun Nisha Khairul Anuar and assisted by 17 more tutors. This program also did charity selling by selling their program’s t-shirts. The profits gained from the shirts selling was used for the program. The charity selling received amazing feedbacks by all UUM students and the shirts has sold over 100++ pieces.


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