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Speaking of my Alma Mater, School of Technology & Logistics Universiti Utara Malaysia or as known as STML UUM, is a place where my life started to be transformed. I still remember how this special place, a place with a lots of trees and greenery has brought me to a greener pasture. In my 4 years tenure studying in STML UUM, I realize that I’ve broaden my envisage towards my future life, deepen my interest in the field of logistics & transportation and strengthen my core competitiveness in my career path. All of this can be realized because STML UUM provides well-equipped infrastructure, experienced and knowledgeable lecturers & management and positive environment which promotes holistic self-development.

First of all, the infrastructure provided in STML UUM is advance and complete. There are sufficient class room, all are fully equipped with audio visual equipment, spacious seating and air-conditioning. This provides the students not only a comfortable learning space but also enable the student to fully focus when we are in the class. Other than well-equipped class room, the library of UUM, Library Sultanah Bahiyah also provides a vast collection of reference book related to STML syllables. Many of these reference books are recommended or written by the lecturers STML UUM which I found it insightful. Sufficient seminar hall and discussion room also available for any academic forum or assignment discussion. Wifi coverage also fully covered in STML UUM where I am able to access for more information and knowledge. I love study in STML UUM because all the infrastructure I need are provided in STML UUM.

Secondly, STML UUM also have a strong line up in their work force as the lecturers have strong background in both academic and industry. As a student, we want a lecturer which can teach us the theory part of the subject but we also want a lecturer who can provides us hands on experience so that we understand better by relating the actual situation. In STML UUM, the lecturers especially the lecturers in BBA Logistics & Transportation, emphasize a lot on hands on activities in their classes. For instances, I still remember we were required to design flight network when I was in Aviation class and we were required to draw a maritime port when I was in Seaport Management class. Furthermore, the lecturer also promote fun way learning, where we were required to organize and take part in a competition on a port & shipping board game specially developed by the lecturer. The port & shipping board game won innovation awards, one of them are in Malaysia Technological Exposition 2013. Through all this hands on experience and fun learning, I have a better grip of the knowledge and I am utilizing them in my current career life.

In addition, the lecturers in STML UUM are also friendly and willing to share their knowledge to the students. Whenever I approach the lecturers and asked them questions, they are willing to spend time teaching us even though it is not the class time. I still remember I participated a business simulation competition in my semester 4 during semester break, one lecturer has volunteered himself in couching me and my team for the entire competition. My team and I won first runner up in that competition but I believe without his generosity in sharing his knowledge and experience, we would not been able to reach that far and gained that precious experience. In another instance, lecturers in STML UUM would always give me constructive advice when I seek for their advices regardless the question is on academic or personal development.

Apart from that, STML UUM provides a very good environment not only for study but also for my holistic self-development as well. STML UUM provides me a platform to develop my full potential such as leadership, communication, global mindset, business acumen as well as the ability of organizing activities. STML UUM always support students activities (provided that it is beneficial to student) by giving advice and financial support. Instead the lecturers organize activities, they allow students to plan, organize and execute activities and couch the student on how to monitor and evaluate the activities. This allow students to develop their interpersonal skills and unleash their full potential. Besides, lecturers would utilize their network, such as bringing in the experts of the industry to give talks to us and send the students out to forums for exposure. For instance, my friends and I were sent to forums so that we were exposed into the industry environment.
If I were allow to speak more on what STML UUM have provided in transforming me into a better me, this is not enough to share within an article. However, I appreciates all the hard work and efforts STML UUM has given out in transforming their students into a better person. I trust that STML UUM will consistently provide high quality of teaching to our future leader.

Bachelor of Business Administration (Logistics & Transportation)
Batch 2014

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