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The perks of joining our Alumni Association

Whether it has been 5 days or 5 years, on the day you graduate, you can proudly call yourself alum. If you think you cannot benefit from your former institutions, then you guess wrong. Being alum is a title you get to carry for the rest of your life, so why not take advantage of the school’s alumni association? Here are some benefits when you sign up and become our alum.

1) Networking Networking Networking!
The alumni association is an immense network of professional contacts, all in which you already have one thing in common. The STML alumni have ventured near and far in the job market and this is the perfect platform for you to connect with people that might be able to help you pursue the right job fit for you. Not only that, we have our own private Facebook group where you can join and get the latest updates on our activities and surely build professional relationship over the long term.

2) Career advice and services
Whether you’re a fresh graduate, or a stagnant employee wanting for a career change, the STML alum association provides its alums with career services like developing your CV, completing application forms, preparing for job interviews, as well as offering all alumni a range of one-to-one sessions with careers advisers if they wish for it.

3) Fun activities
If you miss your ex-STML mates and open to making new friends, the STML alumni association provides various activities for its alum to catch up and build new relationship. These activities not only are able to help build confidence but also create life-long friends along the way.

4) Giving to your school’s future
Having benefited from STML alumni association, you can now also contribute to the school’s future by offering up to be facilitators or speakers for the activities done by the alumni to provide some insights for the undergraduate students who wish to shed some light on future career path.

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