FInDER - Food Security, Innovation, Development Research Centre was setup with the aim to encourage and improve the quality of research and development (R&D) in the area of ​​food security, innovation and development of the food industry ecosystem through high-impact research and strategic collaboration with community, agency and industry.


Scope of Work

IR4.0 Technological Innovation, Automation and Mechanism

Workshops, talk, symposuim

Facility and System Set-Up

Laboratory Testing

Product registration with MOH/KKM/JAKIM certification

Product Commercialization


We work together as a team to serve the community in line with our roles as an academician and researcher. We provide consultation and support based on our expertise.


Innovation & Development

Awards winning innovation - IRIISE 2018, IIDEX 2018, ITEX 2012
Research Collaboration

Collaboration through research - social sciences and applied sciences
Industry Development

Projects with food manufacturers - collaboration through either research or consultation