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Mon, Feb 18, 2019

Welcome to the School of Technology Management and Logistics (STML), UUM COB, Universiti Utara Malaysia. At STML, we are committed to produce graduates who are well versed in technology management, operations and logistics. In addition, we also committed in producing graduate that are competent, competitive, and confident and be able to work effectively in various areas. 

STML offers unique opportunities for education and research to meet the increasing demand for highly educated technology management graduates. With a combination of expertise and innovation STML seeks new approaches to some of the most critical challenges of the 21st century, thriving within the domains of technology management and logistics.

Faculty and staff in STML are dedicated to providing first-rate education that instils strong basic knowledge for sound practice in technology management and logistics for the well-being of society. Our courses of study nurture creative thinking and prepare students for productive and rewarding careers. This is an exciting time to be a student at STML as we continue to grow and enhance our programs to maintain national eminence. I encourage students to fully embrace and take full advantage of the rich learning environment available at STML.

 Prof. Dr. Rushami Zien Yusof

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