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E-Proceedings of the Conference and Post-Conference Colloquium are available
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Participation in 2ndCTOM is open for everyone. Authors who successfully submit their articles will look forward to the following publication benefits:

  • All accepted articles, after a rigorous screening and refereeing process, will be published in the 2ndCTOM Conference Proceedings.
  • The 2ndCTOM Conference Proceedings will be submitted to the Web of Science for indexing purposes.
  • Selected papers will be selected for publication in Journal of Technology and Operations Management (JTOM).
  • Distinguished papers will be selected for book chapter publications.

Also, paper submission can be performed through the Conference Management System

Click on 2ndCTOM E-Abstract Book to download.

Click on 2ndCTOM E-Proceeding of Conference (43 articles) to browse.

Click on 2ndCTOM E-Proceeding of Post-Conference Colloquium (13 articles) to browse.