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E-Proceedings of the Conference and Post-Conference Colloquium are available
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The 2ndCTOM conference plans to explore in great depth, the implication of the concept in the Management of

• Technology,
• Operations, and
• Logistics.

The main topics of interest include, and not limited to:

• Technology Management
• Operations Management
• Logistics and Transport Management
• Business Management
• Educational Technology
• Tourism and Technology Development
• International Business Technology
• Government Technology
• Quantitative Technology
• Intelligent Technology
• Accounting Technology
• Multimedia Technology
• Marketing Technology
• Finance Technology
• Social Work Practice and Technology
• Economy and Technology

The above is not intended to be all-inclusive. However, competitive and working papers in other related areas will be welcomed for refereeing. All competitive papers accepted for the conference will be reviewed by a panel of experts and successful authors will present their papers at the 2ndCTOM conference.


All presenters are requested to be punctual and be present during the commencement of their session in order to avoid any delays and the parallel sessions to run smoothly. The timing of each parallel session shall be adhered to strictly and controlled by the moderator. In cases when a presenter is absent, the next presenter shall be asked to present earlier than his/her scheduled time slot. The allocated time for each oral presentation will be 15 minutes, which ends with the questions and answers (Q&A) session.